About Us

We are professional IT Support company that specializes in providing reliable and inexpensive support to Big and medium-sized businesses throughout India. From Electronic Security Support like CCTV Camera Intelligent Alarm, Burgler Alarm, Fire Alarm computer support, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, helpdesk services, and other IT Services, We are your IT partner. F Tech has been the provider of choice for Big and small Industries, office, Restaurant, Education, Hospitality, Police, Real-estate, Retail, Safe City, Transport users.

Technical Support

We will take care of everything . Our technicians have highly specialized knowledge, skill and ability. So, if you have a problem, you can be sure that our team will solve your current problem and advise you on any improvements you can make in the future in order to save your precious Time & Money.

Network Solutions

You may face problems while creating a network, accessing a network, troubleshooting and etc. If you muddle up while changing your network settings you may end up with frequent network failures. we will troubleshoot your computer network and improve your works productivity. Dont hesitate to call us and utilize our computer network support services. We have a team of technicians who have outstanding technical skills. we never give up until they identify the root cause of your tech problem.

Our Mission

Our Vision